Wine magazines & journals Web site of the Decanter Magazine, offers various services, e.g. wine talk and wine shopping mall. Online version of the Wine Spectator, offers community and personal wine list functions to registered users. Contains News and Wine Store search function in German and English, but the articles are in German (even on the English pages). The Wine Market Journal offers Internet access to a comprehensive listing of current wine prices from worldwide auctions. This site features more than 20,000 listings (full service only to subscribers, for non-subscribers sample searches are possible). Wine, food, books, interviews and features with the emphasis on New Zealand. Supplies various information about the Australian wine industry.
Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research A journal for the science of the grapevine and its products -- wine, grape juice, tablegrapes and dried vine fruit. Published by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology.
The Australian & New Zealand Wine Industry Journal A leading technical journal for the wine industry.
Vineyard & Winery Management Journal Provides information and services necessary for the Management of Vineyards and wineries.

last update: 19.1.2001
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