B2B marketplaces

www.evine.com Marketplace for vines&rootstocks, vineyard and winery supplies. Also a very good industry information resource.
www.wineryexchange.com Offers Wine info center, exchange platform industry news section and community.
www.winebusiness.com Winebusiness.com provides a Marketplace for buyers and sellers of products and services; a complete Directory of contact information to providers of goods and services in the wine industry; an Employment Center; promotional opportunities, and links to the latest news and industry publications, including Wine Business Monthly and Wine Business Insider.
www.b2bwine.com Trade platform for wines, also offers industry news and community.
www.eskye.com eSkye.com, Inc. is a service network and technology solutions provider for the global beverage industry, providing more efficient and effective beverage management and marketing processes and systems to its customers.
www.uvine.com The universal wine exchange which allows you to trade fine wine. registration required.
www.surplex.com Surplex operates Europe’s leading Internet-Marketplace for surplus assets and inventory.
www.buysellequip.com B2b marketplace for vineyards and wineries. Offers service from suppliers to job offerings and discussion groups.
www.Transora.com A global business-to-business (B2B) e-marketplace for the food, beverage and consumer products industries, e.g. Seagram Spirits and Wine Group has announced its investment in Transora.com.
  www.worldwinetrade.com WorldWineTrade.com is the first e-commerce marketplace designed exclusively for the wine industry’s producers and bottlers of bulk wine. !Bad: Only works with Microsoft Internet Explorer™!
www.winery-direct.de A market place for restaurants, hotels, one-line wine stores etc. from the Germany wine importer Reimers
www.mack-schuehle.de One of the leading wine-distributers in Germany. Mack & Schuehle concentrated on serving the retail channel. (available in German only)
www.ewinexchange.com.au ewinexchange limited is an eCommerce company involved in all segments of the wine industry. It’s principal focus is to transact wine via the Internet, but also to provide both industry and consumer content.
www.vintageexports.com.au Vintage Exports Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company formed with the purpose of marketing and distributing premium quality wines within Australia and the international market place.
www.xwine.com xWine simplifies wine sales, distribution and shipping for customers worldwide. It provides a neutral interface between producers and purchasers, optimizing the transaction process both for professional buyers and wineries.

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